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King Palm All Natural Hand-Rolled Leaf Official Review

Blunt and blunt wrap alternatives are popping up on the market left and right. Much of this is due to the healthy lifestyle trends across the world. Traditional blunts and wraps from companies like Dutch Master, Game and Backwood contain harmful tobacco which can cause health issues like cancer and many times, death. While consumers understand the risks, it does not stop them …

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HempHives Hemp Wick & HempKeeper Official Product Review

Not all hemp wick is created equal and I may have just learned this while using the HempHives Hemp Wick with HempKeeper. We have reviewed several hemp wicks before and even have done comparisons between hemp wick, Clipper lighters, and Bic lighters. I used to think it was good enough just to be using hemp wick, enjoying the great taste while …

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Mason-Re Sustainable Stash Jars Official Review

Storing your cannabis is serious business. Most of us remember growing up and keeping ours in a little plastic sandwich bag. In the past several years, we have seen many products innovate the storage product space including Cannador and Pharm Jar. Many of our readers might ask, “Why should we dish out big money for storage products when a sandwich bag costs …

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Banana Rolling Leaf by Natives Official Product Review

Smoking blunts is arguably the most common method stoners will use to consume cannabis. Stoners love the taste, slow burning, and tobacco when smoking traditional wraps and blunts. While smokers understand the health risks of smoking tobacco, many are hesitant to make the switch to an alternative that doesn’t provide the same experience. New alternatives are starting to show up in …

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Black Rock Originals Safety Case Official Review

Black Rock Originals was created in the Summer of 2014 by two guys that decided to dedicate themselves to “setting the standard” in a fairly new and primitive market of mobile stash cases. Founders Nick & Tommy out of Denver, CO were constantly out and about and constantly stuck trying to find a way to safely carry their stash with …

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10 Products that keep your Bong Clean

A clean bong is a happy bong, we all know that. While many people don’t mind using plain old alcohol and salt to clean their expensive glass, some of us want to use premium cleaning products or even products that prevent resin build up. Those with multiple pieces know that to keep your bongs clean is a job in itself, …

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